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Saratoga Body Shoppe offers a complete menu of services including massage, body therapies, aromatherapies, and spa treatments.  Packages are tailored to meet all your needs in an inviting spa escape.
Gift certificates are available and make wonderful gifts for family, friends, co-workers, or anyone who appreciates being pampered.

Signature Service

Total Body Tuning - $135
Revitalize your mind, body, and spirit with this total body experience.  You begin by immersing your feet into a soothing, tropic inspired foot soak with hints of coconut milk, lemongrass, mandarin, and palmarosa.  The sensations of being in paradise continue as you enjoy a 15 minute light botanical paraffin wax hand treatment.  A relaxing full body massage follows and your time in the tropics ends with an invigorating warm facial wrap infused with a tropic themed selection of fine essential oils.  90 min.

Massage Therapies

Swedish (Relaxing / Stress Relief)    $65
60 min (90 min + $30)  
Amma Massage    $75
60 min  
Lomi Lomi    $85
60 min  
Prenatal    $85
60 min  
Champissage (Indian Head Massage)    $25
15 min  

Treatment Massage Therapies

Deep Tissue    $80

60 min (90 min +$40) 

Massage of the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues of the body.  This technique provides a more therapeutic effect by not only relaxing the muscles, but ridding them of built up metabolic waste, and helps release adhesions between muscles and connective tissues.  It can also be useful in preventing scar tissue build-up from injuries to muscles and connective tissues.

Orthopedic Massage    $90

60 min

Utilizing Lowe's comprehensive and multidisciplinary system based upon the four principles of Orthopedic Assessment, Matching the Physiology of the Injury with the Physiological Effects of Treatment, Treatment Adaptability, and Understanding the Rehabilitation Protocol.  These techniques are most effective for particular pain or injuries.

Body Therapies

Lemon Body Wrap   $115
Escape from your hectic schedule with this soothing warm wrap that contains hints of lemon oil essentials.  This treatment will detoxify the body, exfoliate the skin, increase circulation, and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.  60 min
Detoxifying Wraps (60 min)   $115
Ginger Root - Stimulating & Detoxifying
Green Tea - Balancing & Detoxifying
Island Glow   $125
Get island ready with this buff-n-bronze treatment.  It begins with an invigorating, gently refreshing body polish followed by the application of your choice of bronzing product that will give you that fresh island glow you've always dreamed of.  60 min
Blissful Hot Stone Massage   $90
Our deeply soothing and relaxing massage that combines Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques with smooth, heated stones.  Your therapist will utilize traditional strokes of massage using perfectly heated stones for a peaceful and calming effect.  The heat of the stones has many benefits including increasing circulation, flushing toxins from the body, and facilitating a unique balance of energy and a feeling of well-being.  75 min
Ginger Root Detoxifying Wrap & Pomango Body Scrub   $145
Experience the benefits of a Ginger Root Detoxifying Wrap followed by a Pomango Body Scrub. This scrub contains a unique combination of soothing pomegranate notes and tropical mango breezes.  75 min
Lime Margarita Body Scrub & Succulent Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Massage   $145 
Our lime margarita body scrub will stimulate your senses while refreshing your skin and leaving a healthy glow.  Your therapist will then balance your session with our succulent sweet orange aromatherapy massage which will bring harmony to your body, mind, and spirit.  75 min

Spa Therapies

Tropic Hand Dip   $25
If you thought paraffin wax was just for making pretty candles, you are in for a pleasant surprise.  Soften and smooth your hands with this deep conditioning treatment that penetrates the senses with a light botanical fragrance.  15 min
Tropical Paradise Foot Soak   $20
Treat your feet to a heavenly blend of coconut, lemongrass, palmarosa, and mandarin.  Our delightful blend will please your senses and leave your skin feeling pampered, silky soft, and refreshed.  15 min
Warm Island Facial Wrap   $20
An excellent way to begin or end any session.  A moist, warm towel infused with hints of lemongrass, mandarin, and palmarosa is wrapped around the face for a refreshing and invigorating experience.  10 min

Facial Services

Colamer Pro Face Massage Treatment   $45
Cleanse and revitalize your face and neck with our Colamer Pro Face Massage Treatment.
This session begins with a thorough facial cleansing using our Heliabrine HP Cleansing Milk containing Jojoba & Macadamia essential oils.  Your Therapist then massages your face and neck while applying our Colamer Pro Face Massage Treatment Serum.  20 Min
Caviar Rejuvenating & Anti-Aging Mask  $25
Clinical studies have repeatedly shown that Caviar has many benefits.  As an Asian beauty secret that has been used for many years, it is renowned for repairing damaged skin, fighting wrinkles, and creating a luxurious sheen on the skin.  Our Caviar face mask is sure to make your skin silky soft and more plump as it deeply hydrates and moisturizes.  20 Min
Micro-Resurfacing Facial  $50
This session begins with a thorough facial cleansing using our Heliabrine HP Cleansing Milk containing Jojoba & Macadamia essential oils.  Your Therapist then performs a light facial treatment using our Colamer Micro-Resurfacing Gel Scrub.  The session ends with an application of our Colamer Pro Face Massage Treatment Serum.  20 Min
Micro-Resurfacing Gel Benefits:
* Potent cleansing formula 
* Highly exfoliating and resurfacing
* Removes all impurities
* Brightens and improves skin's complexion
* Prepares skin for further treatment
* Free of parabens and harsh chemicals
SpaMask   $25
With these handmade masks, you can enjoy extracts of fresh fruit along with a holistic blend of pure essential oils.  Within minutes, the benefits of these ingredients are absorbed into your skin. Keep your face luminous & vibrant with frequent applications.  20 min
SpaMask Options:
Blueberry - promotes luminous and vibrant skin
Chrysanthemum - firming qualities to tighten skin

Energy & Aromatherapies

Chakra Balancing    $55
30 min (60 min + $25)  
Reiki    $70
50 min  
Aromatherapy    $10
Added to any massage       

Outcall Services

We can bring the joy and benefits of Therapeutic Massage, Spa Treatments, and Aromatherapies to you in the privacy of your own home.  In addition to the published menu prices above, all outcall services will be charged the following surcharge:

Massage Services $50
Spa Services $75
Aromatherapy    $20

Cancellation Policy

We respectfully ask that you give us a minimum of 24 hours notice if you must cancel an appointment. The full service(s) cost will be charged for any late cancellation or no-show appointment.

Appointments reserved on a Gift Certificate that do not comply with the SBS cancellation policy will invalidate the Gift Certificate.